Why “We need to talk in person” should be a welcomed statement, not a feared statement.

We’ve all been there. Staring at your phone, not wanting to believe the words that you are reading. Relationships and friendships begin and end, important family news is announced etc. all while we hide behind the glowing screens of the latest version of our smart phones. It seems like communicating face to face has become a lost art.

While we have the potential to use technology to enhance our ability to communicate, more often than not, we allow it to hinder our ability. Countless arguments ensue because we, as human beings have difficulty sensing the tone of the text message, or the email. Is the sender angry, sad, do they have any emotion at all? Successfully communicating is difficult enough, without the added pressure of trying to figure out what the sender really meant. Why do we continue to allow this to affect our relationships, when we know damn well, what the outcome is? Imagine if we took the time, to meet with the person that we care about to have a conversation about what was on our minds, instead of stringing it out through a week’s worth of emotionally draining text messages and emails? I know, easier said than done. That would take effort and we are all used to having the world at our finger tips and receiving instant gratification.

We now have the ability to schedule our fights and awkward conversations whenever it is convenient for us, from the comfort of our own homes without any human contact whatsoever. About to have a potentially painful conversation? One sec, let me throw on some sweatpants, grab a glass of wine and get cozy in my bed first (that is my personal favorite). Don’t get me wrong, I love technology, probably more than I should, but I am willing to admit that there are certain times when we need to revert back to the old days, and communicate in person. See the persons face, read their body language and acknowledge a human reaction to the information that is being delivered.  Tears will be shed, awkward laughs will be had, and most importantly, respect will be gained. So, the next time that someone reaches out to you and says “We need to talk in person….” embrace it, try not to panic and be grateful that they are making time to see your face.


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