Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I was recently having a conversation with someone about visualizing your best life and how important it is to have a clear picture of what that is for your personally, and I was surprised at the response that I received. They had never thought about visualizing what their best life would be, although they admitted that they were not completely satisfied with the way that their life was going. The discussion progressed and what stood out to me the most, was how different our views were in regards to what would be our life the best. My best life was based much more on feelings and experiences, rather than possessions. I realized that through my recent growth, being happy had become a much simpler process than it once was. I no longer needed a laundry list of specific items in order to feel satisfied with the life that I was leading. I was feeling pretty damn proud of myself until I realized that I was silently judging the other person for not having the same experience and growth that I had. Talk about a humbling moment! Here I was, in what I thought was a perfect headspace, when I was subtly reminded that in order to really help people, I need to practice what I preach and accept everyone exactly where they are in their own personal journey.  Just because you find yourself in a place of peace, does not mean that others are in that place.

Reflecting on this conversation showed me two things;  taking the time to really think about what your best life truly means to you, is extremely important and that being non-judgmental is clearly still something that I need to work on. I am learning that just because I have the desire to help someone, doesn’t mean that they will be open to help. I might think that a certain lifestyle is beautiful and someone else might not think so. It is not my job to determine what someone else’s life should be like, it is my job to focus on my life and my actions.

What started as a simple conversation with a friend, ended up opening both of our eyes to exactly what we needed to see at that moment.

Stay present and release judgement my friends!

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