Write on.

I started my blog about a year and a half ago, with no real intention other than to write my thoughts down online, instead of in a journal. Writing is a way to purge the mind and reset, and a way to exercise the brain by using the imagination and a way to challenge yourself to get creative or try a new spin on something.

What I have learned:

If you don’t write for yourself, there is no point. Not everyone will read what you write and not everyone will enjoy what you write. Who cares. Really though, if you care about what everyone thinks, then why write at all? The moment you start doing something because of what someone else thinks, you lose sight of the reason that you started doing it in the first place. 

There is something empowering about having your own space to express yourself. Although I love taking a pen to paper, typing and publishing gives me an equal but different sense of relaxation and accomplishment.

Does there have to be a reason for everything that we do? Often times I sit and think about what I should write, instead of just writing whatever comes to my mind. For example, right now I have about 10 different drafts saved because I am still unsure about actually sharing them. But why? Overthinking strikes again! 

I remind myself daily, that if what I write helps just one person that is a huge win. If writing helps slow my mind, that is a huge win. When I write and I am relaxed, my energy is peaceful and that is passed on to others around me. All victories. 

“In the journal, I am at ease” -Anais Nin 

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